Saturday, April 19, 2014

another year...shift happens

Sixty three. My goodness. And wouldn’t you just know my natal day has landed on Holy Saturday...the day of waiting. Supremely appropriate since, most days, you can still find me at the intersection of “Dang Tired” and “Oh, sweet Jesus”, somewhere between “Don’t know” and “Not yet”. Waiting: not my strong suit. 

I will, no doubt, forget the lessons that I learn today and will need to learn them all over again. But I also know that I am loved without fail...steadfast, even when I miss the mark. I rely on the cyclical nature of grace. And relish my friends, grateful for ties to the past and new intersections. Whether we connect online, at a reunion, in groups of two or three, in memory...all is gift. 

My birthday wishes remain...
   that the journey will make us stronger, not harder
   that our dreams will be worthy
   that we’ll honor each other with each choice, each thought, each spoken word...agree or not
Thank you for your birthday to all,


Doug said...

As someone who knew you all those years ago, I know you have forgotten more than many ever learned, and you've learned more than many ever imagined. Your voice is a singular and distinct one, and that should make you happy.

Celeste Bracewell said...

My friends bring me joy. Love and eastered light to you. Always.

Ann Bennett said...

Have a good birthday and a blessed year.

Celeste Bracewell said...

Thanks, Ann!

GretchenJoanna said...

Happy Birthday, Celeste! I missed your day any case, now all sorts of waiting are past :-) and we can all go on freshly with Paschal joy and expectation of the grace of the Spirit. Christ is risen!

I hope we may meet one day, short of Heaven. Have a blessed week!

John Robins said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Celeste.

John Robins said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Celeste.