Sunday, November 11, 2012

...every day is thanksgiving

This past week provided a bit of departure from my typically tranquil life. Beginning at five a.m. on Wednesday morning, the circuitous route to ten a.m. emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix on Thursday included six hours in a very uncomfortable chair in the ER waiting room.

Once behind the magic curtain into the ER, the care was fine, the caregivers finer. Prayers and support from family and friends kept our spirits up. Now at home, the mending continues, also a circuitous process. The energy I had yesterday dissipated over night. But healing comes in stillness and quiet.

All that illness encompasses - pain, tender care, love, concern, lonely moments of waiting, thanksgiving - enlarges life. I am most grateful for all my blessings.


GretchenJoanna said...

I'm quite thankful, too, that your emergency was dealt with quickly and that you can now heal. I sent you an e-card - look for it!

Celeste Bracewell said...

How good to hear from you, my friend...healing words. The card is perfect. Thank you so much.