Tuesday, October 2, 2012

...more from Mendocino: Glendeven Inn

The view from our room

The Arabs used to say,
When a stranger appears at your door,
feed him for three days
before asking who he is,
where he's come from,
where he's headed.
That way, he'll have strength enough to answer,
or, by then, you'll be such good friends
you don't care.

Strangers, Hospitality, Friendship by Naomi Shihab Nye

Glendeven Inn near Mendocino was a delightful haven for one night this summer. The owners rightfully state that "The Inn is a place of natural and cultural beauty that refreshes body, mind, and spirit." Trust me...one night is a good start but not nearly enough time to experience the place and the hosts' hospitality. But we didn't need three days to discover a connection to Glendeven.

Accommodations are scattered through four buildings on eight acres of rolling land beside the sea. The Farmhouse, built in 1864, has been lovingly restored with five guest rooms on three floors. The Carriage House, where the farm's carriages once were kept, now offers the Grand Suite on its second floor. The Barn houses a gallery where art shows are hosted and the winebar[n] on the first floor with the Barn Loft Residence on the second and third floors. Stevenscroft, a charming redwood building from the 1980's, irests by the meadow and the woods.  Outside, llamas roam the meadow. The garden offers fresh ingredients for the kitchen and the chickens provide fresh eggs for breakfast.

We opted for a seated dinner with three other couples, two from the bay area, one from Wisconsin, the other from Texas. Conversation flowed naturally in the warm and beautiful setting. The food courses and wine pairings were presented by Chef Kristy Wilson whose warm personality added an extra dimension to the evening.

Enough talk. The eye-candy factor is high, with one charming vignette after another, indoors and out. And here's proof:

Even our parking space extended hospitality

We stayed in The Farmhouse.

From the minute we opened the front door...

...we encountered warm, inviting touches at every turn. A handwritten greeting on the dresser,
two brownies on linen napkins. And, yes, chicken feed.

Details make the difference.

We found several cozy spots to read and relax.

The dining room where dinner is offered three nights a week...

...and snacks and beverages are offered until bedtime.

The view from the overstuffed chairs in front of the dining room's large multi-paned window: 
a worthy spot to sit a spell.

Breakfast arrives on a tray.

If you can tear yourself away from this lusciousness,
take a walk outside.

The vegetable garden is a beautiful as it is practical.

Remember that chicken feed?

Bill did...

...and the hens were waiting for him.

Mama goat and baby goat are made of metal.

So is the big guy.
But they manage to move mysteriously around the yard.
You never know where they'll turn up next.

This comfortable bench sits at the entry to the Carriage House...

...inside you can browse art shows that are held in the gallery
or visit the winebar[n]
where you can sample Mendocino County wines
by the glass, by the bottle, as tasting flights
...with a nosh of artisan cheeses, 
accompaniments, and fresh homemade baguettes.

Our visit passed quickly. Once more by the lily pond...

a quick good-bye to a friendly llama

and then to our talking parking space...

"Drive Safely"
Why, thank you.

"See you next time?"
Oh, yes, please!

For more information, visit Glendeven Inn's website:

And bookmark their photoblog:


Carole said...

What a delightful post Celeste! For a few minutes it transported me away to somewhere beautiful. Thank you for sharing and brightening up my rather dismal day!

BrightSoul said...

Me, too! too often the beautiful gets stuffed behind the everyday and just this touch of beauty refreshes!
I try to find one beautiful thing to admire a day and am usually not disappointed as my heart rises in thanks to the Creator of beauty.