Monday, January 2, 2012

...yes, we are still on the road

We really need to clean the windshield

We will be traveling through January 8th. From the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific shore. Before we began the drive home to San Francisco, we managed to log 1500 miles going around in circles. Since I can’t type for any length of time on a cell phone without losing my equanimity AND since I am pooped by our evening respite, I hereby issue a caveat: My posts in transit may be just a bit disjointed. More along the lines of “here’s what I saw and heard that stuck.” I marvel at these ordinary moments: the serendipity of unexpected conversations or small kindnesses.
I want to share them all with you but cannot do these encounters justice quite yet. Here, though, is a preview of coming attractions:

...twisters, hurricanes and twists of fate: The tornadoes that struck Tuscaloosa last April also struck close to my heart.  My son, his wife, and my precious granddaughter live there. While in Tuscaloosa, Patrick drove me through some of the hard-hit areas. And I met a lovely young woman named Urvi who looked up as the huge twister hit. Shortly after these storms, another mega-twister devastated Joplin, Missouri. Our friend, Ben, is a long-term volunteer coordinator for Relief Spark which has spearheaded re-building efforts. Along the Gulf coast, the imprint of hurricanes - particularly Katrina - is evident. 
...a proper southern funeral: Bill’s sweet Aunt Dora died during our stay. Her funeral - the inimitable Southern tribute - and other encounters reminded me of my southern roots.

...encounters with food: from gas stations to fine restaturants, we sampled them all. Words and pictures to follow. 
...take the pain out of traveling: Observations about - you guessed it - travelling..

... it’s all about choice: wait and see.

We have several days left, new reunions and sights to telling what's around the next corner.  And no end to posts in sight. 


kathy said...


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Jeannette said...

Your caption for your beautiful photo could be true in so many situations...applied to perspective in general.

Celeste said...

Two are better than one, Jeannette...I do so need clear my vision. Thanks for taking the caption to another level! Glad to be your neighbor again...