Friday, December 30, 2011

...on the road again

Forget truth north. We are in serious need of true west. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” has never been more spot-on than this week. We have been in the exact right place but time has run out. 
We have had the great pleasure of THREE visits with Bill’s mom in her wonderful assisted living residence. 

Special time with the kids and lots of hugs from my granddaughter, Ciara. 

And yesterday, a sweet good-bye to Bill’s Aunt Dora. Shortly after we arrived in Tuscaloosa, we received a call that she had died. We had visited her last week. She was comatose, after a protracted illness that robbed her of her hallmark vitality. We drove back to Georgia for one more night. And now we are back in Alabama. One more journey along the county roads of our youth.
Today we pack a few things, get organized for the drive, hug everyone as much as possible. Sunday morning, we begin the cross-country trip in earnest. My back doesn’t ride well so we’ll break up our days with walks and stretches. We’ll take the southern route to avoid snow and ice. And be alert for fog in the coastal areas. Traveling mercies, please. 
Our friend, Johnny, posted a couple of Yeats’ quotes this morning. I was reminded of my favorite:
Think where man’s glory 
most begins and ends, 
And say my glory was 
I had such friends.
Have, have...not had. At least not yet. No friend leaves. All my relationships shape me...if I remain teachable. Love travels with us and we will have reunion. If not this week, in the spring, hopefully. Or at our home in California. As for now you are in my heart, in Bill’s. We are humbled by the wonderful people who grace our lives. How I love my blogging buddies...we are scattered all over the world. But the conversation is richer for the diversity, not diminished by distance.
So, look for some road blogs as we trek westward. And send up some travelin’ prayers, please. 

Love to all and a happy, blessed New Year!

P.S. Coming soon...touching stories about tornadoes and helping hands. And, of course, chronicles of the places and people we meet along the way.

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