Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh, what a difference a day makes

Two days ago I blogged about patience and mercy.
Since then, I've recalled other plane rides, less serene moments:
reminders of questions that strained credulity...and my last nerve.
A fearless and searching moral inventory has revealed
that, while my first thoughts remained unspoken,
EPIC FAIL has, at times, loomed large in my mindset.
A little shame is a good thing.
Mea culpa.
Mea extremis culpa.

 I am now living with one of life's great truths: 
 Pray for patience & God gives me many chances to practice it.

The Questions

1.  Three states in a week, working in airports and on planes.  A Friday night flight and a report to finish. From a lady across the aisle:  "Would you mind turning your computer [squeezed onto an airplane tray table] so I can watch you do that?  I've never used a computer.  Breaks my nails."

2.  From an adult at the front of a long line:  "How do I work this thing?"  The cellular representative opened the instruction booklet to the page with pictures.  This precipitated a follow-up question accompanied by a laugh:  "Does anybody actually read these things?" 

3.  A quiet moment in a busy day, sipping a cup of coffee at a table in the mall.  From the person hovering by my chair:  "Are you sitting here?"

4.  Back on another plane:  "Do you mind if I put this bag under your seat?  It's too large to fit under mine with my purse." 

5.  This past Tuesday on a flight from Charlotte: "I lost my cell phone and didn't have time to stop in Charlotte for a phone card.  Could I borrow your phone to call my ride so she'll know where I'll be?"

The Thoughts That Sprang to Mind 
For Which I Am Now Atoning
and One Real Answer

1.  "Need anything else broken?"  

2.  "Just the twelve of us WHO READ THE BOOK and are now waiting in line with LEGITIMATE questions."   

3.  "No, this is an illusion.  In real life, I'm younger and less wrinkled."   

4.  "Yes, with every fiber of my five foot, nine inch being, yes, yes, yes, I would mind."   

5.  This answer was a kind, immediate, out-loud "Of course!"  To me.  I am grateful for the sweet young blonde woman seated next to me, for her mercy.  I haven't earned it.

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